Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tilt-shift lens for fake miniatures and dad!

My friend, Bob (see http://www.boblatham-photography.net ) has kindly sent me a 90mm TS-E (Tilt / Shift) lens to play with.

The lens allows you to tilt the front element to change the plane of focus (either to drastically increase or decrease depth of field) and a shift facility which is especially useful in capturing architecture whilst keeping parallel lines looking parallel.

The lens rotates and this combined with tilting the lens can give some interesting selective focus effects which I intend to try on portraiture.

Anyhow, one effect you can achieve with a tilted lens is to make real-life scenes look like models. Todays pic is not a great example of this - taken at night in miserable weather & a fairly boring subject, but it hints at what is possible. The blurring of the top and bottom of the frame (made possible with the tilt) gives the effect.

Probably best to click and see large to get the full effect, although I intend to take some more convincing examples soon.

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, f/5 @ 90 mm, 2s, ISO 100

Although I was keen to post something about the TS-E, the above shot is not the most exciting on the planet so I thought I'd add a portrait of my father taken at the New Forest last month. It is cropped from the full frame and was taken on the X100.

FUJIFILM FinePix X100, f/2.8 @ 23 mm, 1/125, ISO 500, Flash

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