Saturday, 17 January 2015

2015_52 - Week 2 - Fragile

Bit of a depressing one I'm afraid.....but for 'Fragile' I went with 'Life is Fragile'.

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, f/2 @ 135 mm, ISO 400, No Flash

Monday, 5 January 2015

2015_52 - Week 1 - Bliss

Week 1 - Bliss


Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, f/5.6 @ 135 mm, 6s, ISO 100, No Flash
Week 1 - Bliss - Comments
Well this photo was a nightmare! I started off thinking I'd do some whisky in front of my loudspeakers, but I decided this was a weak composition and a bit too much like a shot I'd taken back in the 2010_52.

So I thought I'd do a close up of some of my Linn hi-fi gear as listening to music on the set-up is my idea of bliss - especially with a well-recorded disk like the one that is in the open tray. (Raising Sands)

To get both the title of the cd and the words on the left hand side of the shot I had to blend two exposures as even at f/5.6 the depth of field was too thin. I then processed the shot in Silver Efex to give more punch to the blacks of the unit and then brought the coloured LEDs back in.

The LED's were over-exposed compared to the black of the casing and I had to adjust their brightness accordingly and remove a little flare around the digits.

Finally I added a slight vignette as it seemed to give the shot a little more impact.

The Hi-Fi set-up (in the unlikely event anyone cares!)
I firmly believe most people have never heard a decent hi-fi and many who listen to my setup are surprised by how much detail that they've never heard before is coming off a CD they thought they knew! The frightening thing is that it is possible to spend many times the value of my hi-fi for ever increasing sound quality. (Although the returns are diminishing as you get into the tens of thousands!).

Anyhow - the system:

Linn Ikemi CD player - superb reproduction and built to last - the CD tray is solid metal and so strong you can lift up the whole (very heavy) player by grabbing it!

Linn Wakonda Pre-Amp

Two Linn LK140 Amps - one to drive the treble, one for the bass and midrange.

Interconnects - gold plated, solid silver cores.

Speaker cable - Bi-wired with Silver plated, OFC core cables.

Speakers - Castle Harlech MKII's

Mains - ISOL 8 minisub & a bunch of hi-end mains cables.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hello all and a very Happy New Year.

I plan to blog at least weekly during 2015 - I'm going to do the 2015_52 on TalkPhotography.

The warm-up week's theme was 'patterns' and my attempt is below.

The next week is 'bliss' - I'm still thinking about that one!

The TalkPhotography thread is here:

FUJIFILM X-E1, f/2 @ 35 mm, 1/1900, ISO 200, No Flash