Sunday, 17 August 2014

Long exposure bridge

Wow - almost a month since my last post - many apologies.

I had a crazy week where I photographed three weddings around a holiday and then had four days to process all the shots before heading to France for over a week!

Anyway - I've not got a few shots to share and will start with this one:

I wanted to get a thin depth of field but also blur the water with a long exposure. To achieve this I stacked a Lee 'Big Stopper' with my friend Bob's Lee 6-stop Neutral Density to allow a 30 second exposure at f/2.

Below is a shot of me taking the shot, kindly provided by Bob! You can visit his website here:
(The Infrared galleries include some shots of the same location)

Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III, f/2 @ 50 mm, 30s, ISO 100, No Flash

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