Friday, 24 June 2011

Kezia in a field!

#Portrait: In this first shot Kezia was lit with a ring flash on camera and then a gridded beauty dish from the right to add a highlight to the hair. The sky was quite dark and I wanted a rich blue colour so I had the camera on a tripod and used a slow shutter speed. As there was little natural light on Kez the slow shutter speed didn't add blur.

EXIF: Canon EOS-1D Mark III, f/3.5 @ 70 mm, 1/5, ISO 200

For shot two I opted for a gridded beauty dish high and to camera left. This gives a controlled beam of light and gives a dramatic fall off as if Kez is in a spotlight.

EXIF: Canon EOS-1D Mark III, f/5 @ 80 mm, 1/125, ISO 200

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